Unfortunately due to the current pandemic affecting our great nation we will be closed for the foreseable future.

We apologise greatly for this and we have tried to stay open as much as we possibly can.

Any bookings already made will be held and postponed to another date and time.

We are about to set up a paint at home activity, you will have the choice of the usual glazed or acrylic paints and there is over 100 pieces to choose from, payment can be made into our account directly and then we will deliver your item with your own brand new set of paint brushes, and sponges for you to keep, an apron and paper to protect your table and two sealed paint palette pots with upto 12 colours delivered in a paper bag on your doorstep free of charge (5 mile radius from Cheam Village).

You can place you order for Painting at home kits to or, all items are numbered and we have at least 3 of each item in stock currently, you will also need to provide us with a maximum of 12 colours or 2 double ups of colours (so 6) for larger items.

The acrylic numbers are all on the 1 picture of theĀ  6″ tile and have an A at the beginning of the number and the glaze colours are on the cylinder shaped jar and are 3 number digits in length, these are spread over 5 pictures so please make sure you decide which finish you want.

We have provided pictures of our colour charts their are two options for painting the first does not require to be glazed and refired in our kilns this is our acrylic colours which include metallics, and glitters, it is best to use the matt colours and metallics first and then dry with a hair dryer or leave to dry overnight naturally and then add glitter over the top these pieces are just decorative pieces they cannot be used to eat or drink from you can use (cotton buds for spots/brushes/if you use a sponge rinse straight away as they stain the sponge and ruin them quickly).

The second option is our glazed colours these can have 1, 2, or 3 coats (you can use cotton buds for spots/sponges or brushes) it is always best to dry inbetween coats and try to keep these as neat as possible a bit like paint by numbers, with some of the lighter colours you can gentle lift them off with a wet brush and plain water and then dry, these items will need to come back to us for us to glaze and fire them once this situation is over and this is all included in the price, when we are back up and running and you bring along to us we will take a mobile number and reference the items with a full description and text you once they have been glazed and ready to collect.

Pictures and prices will be on our Facebook and Instagram pages.

If you are a NHS worker we will give you automatically a 20% discount

If you buy 2 or more kits we will give you a discount

We thank you all for your custom and loyalty and look forward to seeing you all again soon.

Stay safe and see you on the other side.

All our love

Charlotte and Jay Harris



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