Mosaics at Village Ceramics

Mosaics at Village Ceramics

The history of mosaic goes back over 4,000 years but it was the Greeks, in around 400 BC who first turned the technique as an art form. By 200 BC, specially manufactured pieces (tesserae) were being used to give extra detail and range of colour to the work.

Using small tesserae, sometimes only a few millimetres in size, meant that mosaics could imitate paintings. Many of the mosaics preserved at, for example, Pompeii were the work of Greek artists.

Now, the art of Mosaics is available to everyone at Village Ceramics. We have introduced a range of designs including mirrors, picture frames and plaques together with many different coloured tesserae. You pay £6 for a session and then the cost of the individual piece that includes all materials, tuition and the piece being grouted. Pieces are ready in 7/14 days after completion.

 If you need to come back again to finish it you just pay a  £3.00 studio fee.