Children’s Parties

Village Ceramics has become a very popular stress free venue for birthday parties.561194_10150708051586799_330012531_n

Main Studio: 10am – 12pm , 12.30pm – 2.30pm , 3pm – 5pm
Rear Studio: 10.30am – 12.30pm , 1pm – 3pm , 3.30pm – 5.30pm



We offer two different seating areas catering for large and small parties. The main studio seats a minimum of 14 and a maximum of 20, and the back studio seats a minimum of 6 and a maximum of 10. If you have a larger group than 20 we can reserve both party areas, any groups smaller than 6 can come and do pay as you paint sessions in the front area of the studio.

We can do birthday parties for children as young as 4, however we recommend going for option 1, parties will last for 1hr 30minutes rather than 2hrs.

Important  We ask that only birthday girl/boy parents stay (maximum of 2 adults). We appreciate that with younger ones this isn’t always easy, but it allows us to do our job much better if we have space to get around to all the kids & results in a much better party – it can be very tricky otherwise! We have a Café  where you can purchase hot or cold drink from us and stay close, all purchased drinks receive a token and at the end of the month we give back to the local community and some charities.

Party options available are:

Option 1: Awesome Animals

Choice of over 15 fantastic characters that can be taken home on the day. Characters include a dog, cat, dragon, unicorn etc. Guests will paint 1 character in acrylics and glitter! 

£27.00 per head

Option 2: Glorious Glazing Ideal for ages 8 years upwards Choice of a plate, mug or bowl that guests get to design & paint. Pieces will be painted in glazed paints and left with us to be fired. They will be ready to collect 7-14 days later!

£27.00 per head


Option 3: Magical Moneyboxes

Create your very own moneybox (animals, characters and vehicles).

Choose your piece and paint and decorate in acrylics and glitter – and take them home on the day! 

£27.00 per head

*pictures are for illustration only.


Option 4: Slime + Paint

Choice of over 15 different animals, caricatures to paint in acrylic, stained paint.

And then making 2 pots of slime with glitter, foam balls and loads of choices of colour.

£27.00 per head

R (2)

Option 5: TeddyTastic

Creating you very own Teddy/Animal bear with it’s own box/home to take away the same day, also creating your very own unique t-shirt for it to wear.

£29.00 per head



 All parties include supervision, tuition, a sugar free drink and a chocolate chip cookie, aprons and a bag (this will have Childs name and piece in, if you wish to add to it you can, or we can supply sweetie bags to go in bag also).. Most parents bring along party food and a birthday cake. A £80.00 deposit is required and booking two months in advance is advisable. at current no refunds on deposits are available.

We have a small kitchen area with a microwave ,knife and lighter for birthday cake so you don’t have to bring too much with you.




 Birthday Party invitations for each child are included with each party booked


Bibbidi Bobbidi Balloons – inside Village Ceramics.

We can offer you a huge choice of birthday balloons for your child, Helium numbers or character balloons.


We have an exclusive deal with Prezzo for kids take away pizzas or pasta £6.00 per head. We will order it all, and then just add it onto your bill. (unfortunately payment for this deal is by cash only)Prezzo-Logo-300x180

Please note that if you chose to supply your own food, YOU will be responsible for removing and disposing of all packaging / Rubbish.





Also a nice addition to parties is a ‘magical memory plate’ – on the day of your party guests can sign or doodle on the plate & its left with us to be baked & then you can collect it & have a lasting memory of your special day!!! Plates come in either pink or blue & need to be ordered preferably 2weeks before a party to make sure we have your plate all ready – at just £20.00 its a great keepsake!!!



Sweets for Party BagsSweets

We can arrange for sweety bags to be made up for each party guest, saving mum and dad time. £2.00 per bag




Balloons, we can offer a latex balloon on a stick for each child (loads of different colours to choose from) – £1.50 per balloon