Pay As You Paint

Pay As You Paint

Pay As You Paint

Pay-as-you-paint is the easiest way to come in & do some painting.

Suitable for all ages (6 years and under need to be supervised).

It  is an extremely busy studio and it is essential to book a place, this is to ensure that your experience is an enjoyable, stress free visit, which is organised and well staffed so we ask for a non refundable deposit of £7 per painter in advance (this is your session fee paid in advance, 24hrs + -so all you will need to pay for on the day is your piece that you choose), their is also a charge of £4 per person watching/helping, this is to try to ensure customers do turn up and stick to scheduled appointments particularly at peak times, this can all be done over the telephone via debit or credit card – please telephone 020 8661 -7837

(Please note on busier days we have morning and afternoon sessions, so book ahead to get your desired time slot!!)

Once you’ve arrived you can choose what you would like to paint from our vast selection of pieces – you can then decide whether you would like to paint it to take home on the day ( in acrylics and glitter – this isn’t washable, but is fine for ornamental pieces) or in glazes, which you leave with us to be glazed and fired and they are then ready to be collected 7-14 days later – glazed pieces are safe to drink & eat from and can be washed.

Our friendly staff will be sure to explain everything and keep a watchful eye over you & help if you have any difficulties – we have refreshments avaliable, squash and biscuits is free for children painting.

Adults if you would like a tea, coffee (cappucino, latte, Hot chocolate etc) then we have the cafe within the studio. Every drink purchased donates 10p to 1 of 6 chosen charities within the local area.

To come for a Pay-as-you-paint session costs £7 for your session fee (needs to be paid in advance at time of booking) and then the cost of your piece (pieces start from £5 up to £80) everything is included in this cost, we supply all paints and brushes and aprons, along with the whole glazing and firing process & the help provided by our staff!

If you done get your item finished in 1 sitting you can come back to carry on:

If you wanted to do painting out of our opening hours we do open especially for groups of 10+ and this tends to be of an evening between 7-11pm (sessions are £8 in the evening) – we also hold Wicked Wednesday on every 1st & 3rd Wednesday, be sure to check out the info on our site for that!!!