Christmas Firing Deadline – Don’t leave it too late!

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This year we want you all to have your Christmas gifts ready for Christmas Day!

We would like to announce the 9th DECEMBER 2015

This will be our last date where your glazed pieces will be GUARANTEED ready for Christmas!

If you would like your Ceramics fired and glazed then book a session before the above date! We cannot guarantee any Ceramics painted in our glazed paints after this date will be fired, ready for Christmas Day.

Of course we will try our best to get your Ceramics glazed, however we cannot guarantee it!

So, if you are wanting to create glazed Mugs, Bowls, Plates, Vases, Cake Stands, Pots, Plaques and much more… Book in for a session before December 9th 2015!

Glazed Fired Ceramics will be ready in 2 weeks (from the date you came in to paint) so if you need your pieces earlier, make sure you are prepared and book in as soon as possible.

Pick up required before 6pm on Wednesday 23rd December  as we are closed from December 24th – 29th 2015!!!

However, if you are happy to paint your Ceramics in our stain paints with glitters and sparkles you can do so, right up until Wednesday 23rd December 2015 and take your pieces away the same day! (Please note, these paints are unsuitable for pieces you wish to use in the kitchen, dishwasher or microwave as they cannot be washed and used for food/ drink produce!)

If you are wanting to create Precious Prints gifts please book in as soon as possible. Some items require a 4 week turn around! Don’t leave it too late and miss out on giving them at Christmas!

Call us NOW to book your session before our guaranteed Christmas deadline on: 0208 661 7837

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